The Walking Dead crossover

January 25, 2018

Well folks, it’s happening!

Following years of fan speculation, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead are set to collide. Morgan Jones (Lennie James), one of The Walking Dead’s most intriguing and well-developed characters, is making the jump to Fear the Walking Dead.

Creator Robert Kirkman first teased the crossover to a crowd of adoring fans at New York Comic Con in October, with Lennie James confirming in November that he would be joining the cast of Fear the Walking Dead Season 4.

“I’m really looking forward to exploring Morgan in a whole different world, with different characters, in a different place,” said Lennie James during a recent episode of Talking Dead.

And while we’re stoked to see Morgan – whether he’s in crazy madman, simmering pacifist, or peak bad-ass mode – we reckon there are plenty of other characters who could make their way from one series to the other down the line.

Here are our best bets.

Warning: huge spoilers for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead ahead


Abraham Ford

Before the shock announcement about Morgan was made, moustachioed fan-favourite Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) seemed the most likely candidate to make the jump to the companion series, and there’s a big chance he could still make an appearance.

For the fourth season of Fear The Walking Dead, the characters will be venturing north of the border into Texas, where it just so happens Abraham spent the early days of the apocalypse before meeting up with Rick in Georgia. And given we’ve only seen brief glimpses into Big Red's time in the Lone Star state, there’s still plenty of Abraham’s backstory left to explore.

Nick Clark

We’ve seen several characters in both series cover themselves in walker guts to blend in with the living dead, but few have taken to the tactic as readily as Fear the Walking Dead’s Nick Clark (Frank Dillane). And when he used the tactic for the second time, while dehydrated and wounded in the desert, he began hallucinating that walkers were talking to him.

Why is this important you ask? Well, because it’s incredibly similar to the tactic used by The Whisperers – a group of villains from the comic book series who use dried walker skin to mask their scent, and move amongst herds of zombies never raising their voice above a whisper.

Madison Clark

From the beginning of the series viewers have wondered if Fear the Walking Dead will eventually catch-up with and collide with The Walking Dead, with fans (including actress Kim Dickens herself) speculating that protagonist Madison Clark may be a sibling or cousin of Rick Grimes or Daryl Dixon. If she were to make the jump to The Walking Dead either familial relation would make her a natural addition to Rick’s crew.

But what’s more, some fans have wondered if Madison might instead head over to The Walking Dead as a villain. She’s shown to have an uncompromising leadership style and with a willingness to commit morally questionable acts to survive, some fans wonder if she might eventually take up the mantle of Alpha – the psychotic leader of The Whisperers.


Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 is available now on Digital, and February 14 on Blu-ray & DVD.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Part 1 (Episodes 1- 8) are available now on Digital.

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