Teresa Palmer's Top Films

May 30, 2017

It's set to be a banner year for Teresa Palmer. Not only has she come off the back of starring in an Oscar nominated film, she's appearing in a number of interesting projects on the big screen, none more so than Cate Shortland's latest, BERLIN SYNDROME. To celebrate its release on Digital and DVD, we're looking back at some of her best roles so far.


The Academy Award nominated 2016 film by Mel Gibson saw Palmer excel as the wife of pacifist soldier Desmond Doss who saved 75 men during the Battle of Okinawa, the bloodiest battle of WWII, without firing or carrying a gun.



A surprise hit of last year, this smart, clever, and very scary movie sees Palmer stalked by a demon that only appears in the dark, ensuring audiences spend many nights post-viewing sleeping with the lights on!


Slick, cool and sharp, Kill Me Three Times is a darkly comedic thriller in which Palmer is joined by a stellar cast including Simon Pegg and Bryan Brown in a tale of murder, mayhem and revenge in sun-drenched Western Australia.


A new twist on a classic love story sees Palmer’s Julie form a special relationship with Nicholas Hoult’s zombified Rproving that not even the undead apocalypse can stop two star-crossed lovers. 


A group of four embark on the ultimate, carefree getaway when things go awry. We see Palmer take on the role of Steph, the fun-loving, younger sister whose boyfriend mysteriously disappears during the trip.  


Palmer’s latest role is as Australian Clare who meets charismatic local Andi during a backpacking trip to Germany. What begins as a passionate romance takes a sinister turn when Clare wakes up one morning to discover Andi has locked her in his apartment, and he has no intention of letting her leave. Stellar direction and an exceptional, committed performance from Palmer elevates the film beyond clichés into one of the most rewarding experiences of its kind.

BERLIN SYNDROME is available on Digital & DVD now




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