Six of the best from Toni Collette

June 5, 2018

Academy-Award nominated actress Toni Colette has proven herself to be one of Australia’s most beloved homegrown talents. Starring in the new digitally exclusive film Birthmarked,here are some of her best on-screen moments.   


In 1994’s breakout Australian classic, Collette stars as Muriel Heslop, a young, socially outcast Australian girl looking for love and meaning outside the confines of her dead-end town. Nominated for multiple awards including a BAFTA and a Golden Globe, the film was an instant hit with a hilarious performance from the Sydney-based star.


One of the most successful M Night. Shyamalan films of all time, The Sixth Sense follows a young boy who sees dead people while his desperate mother (Toni Collette) and a disheartened child psychologist (Bruce Willis) ache to understand him. This 1999 sleeper hit continues to be praised and remains a cult classic to this day.


Quirky, perky and slightly obscene, an Albuquerque family seems on the verge of breakdown as they set off on a trip to see their youngest member – seven-year old Olive compete for the pageant title of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. Arguably the most grounded of the eccentric tribe, Toni Collette appears as mother Sheryl, doing her best to guide the family through many bumps, distractions and hurdles along the way.


Starring alongside megastar Drew Barrymore (E.T, Never Been Kissed), as life-long friends Miss You Already is about love, loss, and just how strong the bond between two close friends can be.


Based on the novel by Nick Hornby, Hugh Grant stars as Will Freeman – a man whose immaturity and cynicism has affected his ability to grow up. After meeting the chronically depressed single mother Fiona (Collette), her son Marcus takes it upon himself to infiltrate Will’s life. Funny how a boy can teach an adult so much about becoming a man.


Collette’s latest film sees her as both mother to three specifically different children and scientist, steadfastly determined to prove the ultimate potential of nurture over nature. Starring alongside Matthew Goode (Watchmen, The Imitation Game) as fellow scientist and husband, the two discover what it really means to be parents.

BIRTHMARKED is available to buy and rent exclusively on Digital from July 4.


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