PSA: Get $3 Movie Rentals!

December 11, 2017

Ah, the silly season – that particularly wonderful time of the year when all your troubles go away, and you can live your best life, if only for a few special weeks.

And what better way to live your best life than planting on the couch and enjoying a mid-week movie? Well, with Telstra Thanks Thursday $3 Movies doing just that just got a whole lot cheaper.

In case you missed the memo on this fantastic offering, each Thursday Telstra will give you the choice of three new release movies to watch for half the price of an HD rental. All you need to do is visit BigPond Movies, choose from the new releases with the $3 Telstra Thanks sticker, and watch the movie on your BigPond Movies compatible device.

This week’s $3 movies are the hilarious must-watch Office Christmas Party, instant classic La La Land, and the brand new romance epic The Promise.

So, which one will you be watching?

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