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August 1, 2017

Rick Grimes and his followers have made a raft of colourful friends and enemies over the years. And with the arrival of the infamous Negan on the scene, the Alexandria and Hilltop colonies are set to meet plenty more of The Saviours, and perhaps some new allies too.

Want a sneak peek at the new characters coming out to play? Look no further. We've put together a primer on the important fresh faces in The Walking Dead Season 7, available on Blu-ray & DVD September 27.

Warning: We've done our best to maintain a spoiler-free zone, but this article contains minor spoilers for The Walking Dead Seasons 1 - 7 and the comic books on which it is based.


“What you do next will decide whether your crap day becomes everyone's last crap day or just another crap day.”

About: The sociopathic, totalitarian leader of The Saviours. His actions leave Rick’s group mentally and emotionally broken, in subservience to The Saviours.

Allegiance: The Saviours

Actor: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy)

Behind-the-Scenes:  Black Flag front man Henry Rollins partially inspired the character’s design, and unsuccessfully auditioned for the role.


“We’re done talking. Time to listen.”

About: Negan’s charismatic, and equally sociopathic right-hand man. Chiefly responsible for keeping the Hilltop Colony in check.

Allegiance: The Saviours

Actor: Steven Ogg (Grand Theft Auto V, Westworld)

Behind-the-Scenes: Steven Ogg says he took inspiration from The Big Short in developing Simon’s backstory, determining he was an unscrupulous seller of subprime mortgages prior to the apocalypse.


“There’s nowhere to go. Everything’s his, or will be.”

Returning after his brief appearances in Season 6, Dwight is Negan’s other right-hand man – a complex figure who takes an interest (for better or worse) in Daryl.

Allegiance: The Saviours

Actor: Austin Amelio (Everybody Wants Some!!)

Behind-the-Scenes: A keen skateboarder, Austin Amelio was sponsored by No Comply Skate Shop.


“We take. We don’t bother.”

Leader of a group of laconic junkyard dwelling survivors, she carries an air of quiet confidence in the midst of post-apocalyptic chaos.

Allegiance: The Scavengers

Actor: Pollyanna McIntosh (Filth, Hap & Leonard)

Behind-the-Scenes: Jadis has no counterpart in the comic book series, though some fans believe she could eventually take the role of Alpha (major comic book, and potential future season, spoilers after the jump).


“Where there is life, there is hope.”

A kind and level-headed leader who styles himself as King. Carries a flamboyant, pseudo-Shakespearean manner of speaking, and is often seen flanked by his pet tiger Shiva.

Allegiance: The Kingdom

Actor: Khary Payton (Teen Titans, General Hospital)

Behind-the-Scenes: Khary Payton is a prolific voice actor, best known as the voice of the DC comics character Cyborg in many films, television shows and video-games.


“If you need me, holler. I keep in hollering range.”

Ezekiel’s personal bodyguard. Armed with a double headed battle axe and a sunny disposition.

Allegiance: The Kingdom

Actor: Cooper Andrews (Halt and Catch Fire)

Behind-the-Scenes: The character’s eternal optimism quickly earned him a place as a fan-favourite.


“The element of surprise is our only hope.”

A leading soldier in The Kingdom’s militia, competent in battle and unafraid to voice his concerns about his King’s decisions.

Allegiance: The Kingdom

Actor: Karl Makinen (Twin Peaks)

Behind-The-Scenes: In the comic series, Richard is the second named survivor from The Kingdom, following Ezekiel.


“I’ve just read every book in this place… twice.”

A bookish teenager, Benjamin is a solider in The Kingdom’s militia, still in the process of honing his survival skills.

Allegiance: The Kingdom

Actor: Logan Miller (A Dog’s Purpose)

Behind-The-Scenes: Logan Miller has his own YouTube channel that he has been uploading skits and vlogs to since 2009.


“Nobody's evil. They just decide to forget who they are.”

Compassionate almost to a fault, Cyndie is a teenage survivor living at the Oceanside Cabin Motor Court – a community which appears to be devoid of all men old enough to fight.

Allegiance: Oceanside

Actor: Sydney Park (Instant Mom, CSI: NY)

Behind-The-Scenes: Performing under the name 'Syd the Kid', Sydney Park made it through to the semi-finals of the first season of America’s Got Talent.


“You see, normally, we would've killed you already.”

Unlike her granddaughter Cyndie, Natania’s experiences have left her stubborn and untrusting of outsiders – traits which have aided her ongoing survival, and made her strong leader of the Oceanside community.

Allegiance: Oceanside

Actor: Deborah May (The Kid, Nurse Betty)

Behind-The-Scenes: Deborah May is a former Miss Indiana titleholder and Miss America contestant.

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