Holiday #Inspo from the Movies

November 7, 2017

Take some inspiration from classic films for your next holiday!

Vicky Christina Barcelona

Barcelona has seldom been portrayed as beautiful or sexy than in Woody Allen’s charming comedy in which two young Americans spend a summer in Spain and meet a flamboyant artist and his beautiful but insane ex-wife under the Mediterranean sun.

 Midnight in Paris

This romantic comedy follows a nostalgic screenwriter who finds himself mysteriously going back to 1920s Paris everyday at midnight, where he wanders under the twinkling Eiffel and strolls along the Seine. Above all else it’s about one man’s great love for a city, a city that has never looked better.

La La Land

This Academy Award winning musical is the ultimate love letter to Los Angeles. Whether you want to have ‘A Lovely Night’ dancing in the magic hour in Griffith Park or waltzing along Hermosa Pier humming 'City of Stars', any LA LA LAND inspired itinerary will fulfil all your Hollywood fantasies.  

A Walk in the Woods

A travel writer enlists his long-estranged best friend, a wisecracking recovering alcoholic, to tag along on a hiking trip in this adaptation of Bill Bryson’s much-loved novel, which showcases the challenges but incredible beauty of the Appalachian Trail.


Joel Hopkins’ latest romantic comedy highlights a variety of stunning locations throughout this upmarket London suburb, in a story inspired by the life of Harry Hallowes, the ‘Hermit of Hampstead’.

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