Cutest Dogs in Film

July 24, 2017

Over the years man’s best friend has been the star of many iconic and heartfelt films. Audiences around the world have enjoyed an array of dogs, young and old, grace the silver screen, so in celebration of the home entertainment release of A Dog’s Purpose, we’ve put together a list of some of the cutest canine films...

A Dog’s Purpose
A Dog’s Purpose explores the relationships between dogs and their owners. The film is told through the eyes of a dog named Bailey (voiced by Josh Gad, Beauty and the Beast) as he grows up with a young boy named Ethan, and observes on the world around him. We see the beautiful Golden Retriever Bailey serve multiple purposes through his eventful life journey. This heartwarming family film is a must-watch for dog-lovers.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, is based on a true story about an Akita Inu named Hachiko and his devotion to his owner, Parker. This tear-jerking film, starring Richard Gere and directed by Lasse Hallstrom (A Dog’s Purpose), had such an incredible impact that there is a statue of Hachi, erected at a train depot in Rhode Island where the move was set.


Marley and Me
Marley and Me is a beloved film about a dog truly becoming part of the family. As boisterous Labrador Marley grows from a disruptive puppy to a somewhat-less-disruptive dog, we watch John (Owen Wilson, Midnight in Paris) and Jenny’s (Jennifer Aniston, Office Christmas Party) family grow.

This classic nineties film about a cheeky, loveable St Bernard named Beethoven, is still popular today amongst dog-lovers of all ages. Beethoven helps his new family overcome their issues to cement his place in the family. While the film is light-hearted, it also touches on some more serious issues such as animal cruelty and animal testing.  


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