Costume Ideas for the Party Season!

December 24, 2015

Need some ideas for your festive costume party outfit? Often the easiest place to find ideas is to take a look back at your favourite films and TV. Check out these 10 iconic characters from eOne films and TV for some inspiration!

1: Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon is the insanely popular The Walking Dead character played by Norman Reedus. He's a proud redneck whose survival skills are an asset to the team during the apocalypse. His outfit is simple. Leather vest, animal pelts and trusty crossbow. You don’t even need to wash as Daryl hasn’t had a shower in years!

2: The Stag from Hannibal

Although Hannibal Lecter himself is a great Halloween choice, perhaps the budget will not stretch to the perfectly tailored suits Mads Mikkelson wears from everything from fine dining to eating the rude. The Stag is Will Graham’s recurring hallucination representing his subconscious understanding of Hannibal’s evil. Get some fake antlers, a bald cap and black paint and you’ll be to die for.


3: The Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth is a spellbinding fable with extraordinary characters and creatures, the most memorable of all perhaps the Pale Man. Instantly recognisable by the eyeballs in his claw like hands, it might not be the easiest costume to create, but when you hold them beside you face you will become one of the scariest monsters in movie history.

4: Amy Winehouse from Amy

The poignant and powerful documentary Amy sheds light on the life and career of the supremely gifted and much missed performer Amy Winehouse. Amy has one of the most iconic styles in recent music history, with her swoosh of black eyeliner and towering beehive. Amy said once “My beehive is my secret weapon”- and this is key to the look, so get furiously backcombing!

5: James Hunt from Rush

Who better to get some attention on the big night than one of the most celebrated personalities in the history of Formula 1. Chris Hemsworth played the playboy in Ron Howard’s Rush, sporting the same look as Hunt; the striking red suit, racing helmet along with bags of charisma. The perfect Halloween costume for those not wanting to take a back seat.


6: Nanny Plum from Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom

While the little elves and fairies make the fun is the BAFTA award winning TV show from the makers of Peppa Pig, Nanny Plum steals the show, with all the best lines, the best hair and the best costume. Her black hair partially tied up in a neat bun, purple dress, wings and wand will be child's play to create. Just be careful you don’t turn anyone into a frog!

7: Tris Prior from The Divergent Series

In the first film of The Divergent Series Tris, played by Shailene Woodley, joined the Dauntless faction and immediately starting rocking a mean action heroine look. Be different and dangerous this Halloween by donning a black combat-ready outfit like Tris. Don’t forget the signature raven tattoos. And Theo James as your date would of course be the best accessory of all.

8: Peppa Pig from Peppa Pig

They can be no denying Peppa Pig is one of the most recognisable pre-school characters on the planet. While children may trick or treat as Peppa the look isn’t impossible for an adult to pull off. Should you not have the storage space for a large pink head a 2-D cardboard cutout will do. But don't forget - if you want to jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots!

9: Ray Jenkins in The Mule

This 1983 set Australian cult classic may have had the tagline “it’s what’s inside that counts” but on the outside main character Ray spent most of his time on screen squirming in his hilarious holiday wear of Hawaiian shirt and board shorts, with fresh-off-the-plane tan and highlights. To pull this one off as well as wearing the clothes, you’d need to be prepared to unleash some flesh as Ray does at the start of the movie during the iconic scene with customs officers searching him for hidden packages. Now, bend over…

10: Gloria from Fear The Walking Dead

While the walkers in The Walking Dead have been walking for so long they now resemble rotting flesh on legs, not an easy Halloween look to pull off, it wasn’t always this way. As new companion series and prequel Fear the Walking Dead shows, in the beginning it was hard to tell who turned. Central character Nick Clarke’s junkie girlfriend Gloria was the first of the infected we saw. The fact someone of normal appearance was feasting on rotting flesh made her all the more unsettling. All you need to instil fear into your fellow party-goers is the zombie attitude. And plenty of blood.


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