Carrie Fisher’s final TV role

February 28, 2018

From Amy Winehouse to Heath Ledger, when a beloved performer passes away there’s often a bittersweet period as their final works are posthumously released.

For fans of the endlessly witty Carrie Fisher, the third season of Catastrophe – a sardonic look at married life and parenthood from writer/creator/stars Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan – is one such work, with Fisher reprising her role as Rob’s acerbic mother.

In a piece published by The Guaridan shortly after Fisher’s death, Delany said that her role was expanded following the first two seasons.

“We couldn’t help but write more for her because she’s so brilliant,” he said.

Sharon Horgan told the Hollywood Reporter that working with the witty and kind actress was a privilege.

“We all wish we could have shared the final product with her because, as self-deprecating as she was, I think she would have been proud,” she said. “She certainly made us proud.”

You can pick up the third season of Catastrophe on DVD March 14.

And in the meantime, remember all of Carrie Fisher’s best film and television roles, cameos and iconic interviews with this video from Super News Live.

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