Here's an A-Z run down for The Walking Dead!

September 21, 2016

Need to catch up on The Walking Dead before the start of Season 7 in October? Here's an A-Z run down for our favourite show! 

A is for King of the quick wit and peculiar profanity, it's got to be ABRAHAM.

B is for BETH, the once sheltered farm-girl who grew into a strong and smart young warrior 

C is for COOKIES: whether handling a gun or making cookies, everything Carol does is badass.

From redneck to Rick's right-hand man, D has to be DARYL.

E is for EUGENE. We fully respect his hair game

F is for FAVOURITE SCENE. Which The Walking Dead scene do you love the most? 

G is for GLENN & MAGGIE. Their love has endured, but will they survive 'The Last Day On Earth?' 

The much-missed moral compass of the group, H is for HERSHEL.

I is for one of the most popular The Walking Dead memes ever, IF DARYL DIES WE RIOT.

Baby of Rick or Shane? All we know is Lil' Ass Kicker remains a message of hope, so J is for JUDITH.

Michonne's weapon of choice, K is for her deadly KATANA.

L is for LORI - Although a divisive character she was no doubt a key figure in the first 3 seasons.


M is for MERLE, a volatile thrill-seeker who became one of TWD's most compelling characters

N is for NOAH; likable friend of Beth who endured one of the most shocking deaths TWD has ever seen.


 O is for ORIGINAL CAST. Back in Season 1 Rick Grimes's world looked a whole lot different.

 P is for PUDDING. To celebrate an escape from walkers, Carl got stuck into the chocolate pudding!

Q is for QUESTION. Eeny, meeny miny moe, only a few more weeks to go. Who will Negan pick?

R is for the RICKTATORSHIP. Since S2 there has been little challenge to Rick's absolute power.

S is for SHANE. A complex character who helped make the first 2 seasons of TWD a must-watch.

T is for TERMINUS, an adrenaline rush filled scene where Queen Carol took care of business.

The Walking Dead was never more controversial than this scene, so U is for UNDER THE DUMPSTER.

There have been many shocking deaths on The Walking Dead, so V is for the VICTIMS.

 W is for WALKERS: the show continues to have new threats, but the Walkers will always be terrifying.

 X if for XTRAS! Over 3 HOURS of bonus features on The Walking Dead Season 6 DVD & Blu-ray!

No one did the well-timed motivational speech better than Hershel, so Y is for YOU RISK YOUR LIFE.

 Z is for ZOOKEEPER - after new Season 7 key character (and former zookeeper!) King Ezekiel

The Walking Dead: Season 6 is on Blu-ray & DVD now.





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