7 great songs from movie trailers

November 2, 2017

From a quick teaser to an easter egg laden masterpiece, the humble film trailer has the power to make or break a film – and there’s arguably no element more important in a trailer than a carefully selected soundtrack. Lend us your ears, and check out our favourite uses of music in trailers in 2017.

Hurt – Jonny Cash | Logan

With the inclusion of Johnny Cash’s heart-wrenching cover of Hurt, this trailer makes it clear that Logan is not your typical X-Men movie, drawing attention to the themes of regret, loss and mortality.

The Big Country – Talking Heads | 20th Century Women

20th Century Women is a snapshot of life and cultural change in the late 1970s, so what better band to transport us back to that time than Talking Heads? The avant-garde vocals of David Byrne are a perfect match for the trailer & film’s mix of light drama and comedy.

Blue Monday – New Order / Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) –  Eurythmics | Atomic Blonde

Hitting audiences with a one-two punch of 1980s nostalgia, the action-packed Atomic Blonde trailer reels us into the film’s world by combining amazing martial arts stunts with two of the eras biggest dance hits.

Pure Imagination / Tom Sawyer - Rush | Ready Player One

Keen for another dose of nostalgia? Look no further than the trailer for Steven Spielberg’s retro-futuristic Ready Player One. With a dizzying series of subtle and not-so-subtle pop-culture references on screen, we’re treated to an epic orchestral cover of Pure Imagination, before Rush’s synth driven classic takes us home.


Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun - M83 | A Monster Calls

Bringing Patrick Ness’ unique novel to life, a story that’s equal parts heartbreaking and uplifting, this trailer makes great use of the whimsical, dreamlike and melancholic sounds of French post-rock legend M83.

Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin | Thor: Ragnarok

When in doubt, get the led out! Led Zeppelin’s iconic hit is a match made in Valhalla for this film, filled with lyrical references to Norse mythology and an over-the-top guitar riff that’s a perfect accompaniment to the film’s Saturday-morning cartoon aesthetic.

The Wire – HAIM / Your Move - Yes | Home Again

Got a terrible day/week/month/year ahead or behind you? Give yourself a two minute break from the humdrum and watch the trailer for the upcoming rom-com Home Again, made oh so perfect thanks to the use of the effortlessly catchy pop-rock tunes from HAIM and Yes.

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