5 of the Best from Fassbender

February 2, 2017

To celebrate the release of THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD we look back at some great performances by magnetic star, Michael Fassbender.


In this adaptation of the best-selling novel, Fassbender plays Tom, a stoic and honourable lighthouse keeper, his most intimate and humane role to date. After returning from the battlefields of WWII, Tom has an urgent need to be decent in the wake of war’s amorality, even more so when he falls in love with Isobel (Alicia Vikander). Fassbender excels in this role, holding steadfast to this exterior shell of Tom while also letting you see what is unraveling inside him.


Andrea Arnold’s excellent social-realist fable about a teenager, Mia, who is trying to claw her way to a better life. Fassbender plays Mia’s mother’s boyfriend, Conor, but his feelings for her daughter go beyond paternal. Aside from oozing charisma and his relentless flirtations, he also displays Conor’s insecurities. In another actor’s hands, he’d be a scoundrel, but Fassbender makes him human.



Steve McQueen’s visceral and piercing debut feature won the Camera D’Or at Cannes in 2008, and catapulted Fassbender onto the world stage. He played IRA hunger-striker Bobby Sands in the last weeks of his life. Fassbender delivered astoundingly physical (and, in one 17-minute long take, verbal) performance of dignity and power.



Shakespeare’s most cinematic play demanded a leading man with unnerving screen presence to bear the weight of the story. Justin Kurzel’s lyrical cinematic version saw Fassbender embark on a unflinching take on this iconic role to confirm his place as a fearless performer par excellence.


Fassbender was in scene-stealing form as smooth British agent Archie Hicox in Tarantino’s World War II fable. He injected the role with old-style move-star charm, confidence and plenty of killer lines like ‘there's a special rung in hell reserved for people who waste good scotch’. 



THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS is on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD now.





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