5 Must-See TV Shows Based On True Stories

June 26, 2017

Have you ever wondered where writers get their inspiration for films and television shows? As the words ‘Based on a True Story’ glide across the screen, an extra dimension is added to your viewing experience. Until you know that these events occurred in reality, they’re nothing but a fantasy brought to life on-screen.

To help guide your binge-watching this winter we’ve compiled our list of the top five TV series based on true stories, starting with our newest DVD release, Medici: Masters of Florence.

  1. Medici: Masters of Florence
    This fresh, new show takes us back to 15th century Italy, where the Medici family sought to gain political power in Florence. Medici is littered with betrayal, mystery and political uproar. Follow Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) as he takes on the lead role of Cosimo, a man torn between the responsibility thrust upon him as a result of his father's mysterious death, and following his own path in life.     

  2. Peaky Blinders
    Peaky Blinders takes us back to post WW1 England, where we follow the exploits of the notorious ‘Peaky Blinders’ gang. These dangerous criminals are said to have got their name from their rumoured practice of sewing razor blades into the peak of their flat caps, which could then be used as weapons. Watch as the enigmatic Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill go head to head on the streets of Birmingham. 

  3. Halt and Catch Fire
    Halt and Catch Fire takes us through the beginnings of what has now become an integral part of all our lives: the internet. It stars Lee Pace (Guardians of the Galaxy) as Joe MacMillan, a former IBM Sales Executive, paving his way through the heyday of the technological revolution in the 1980s. Think, Mad Men - if Mad Men were about computers. 

  4. The Enfield Haunting
    We all love a good horror that's ‘based on a True Story’. This three-part mini series stars Timothy Spall (The King's Speech) as an amateur paranormal researcher and Matthew Macfadyen (Pride and Prejudice) as a paranormal investigator, who pair up to look into the bizarre and eerie happenings inside a family home in the quiet suburb of Enfield, North London. This is a must for fans of Annabelle and The Conjuring.

  5. Girlboss
    This highly talked about series is full of charm and wit. Unfortunately, it was recently on Netflix's chopping block, but it's worth watching Season One for the outfits alone. Watch Britt Robertson (A Dog's Purposego from rags to riches in the fashion business as Nastygal’s founder.

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